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With Valentines Day just around the corner I wanted to talk a little about Love and Passion, but NOT how you are thinking, Passion and love for your craft, business, occupation or whatever else your heart leads you to do.

It has been a Long time since I have felt real Passion for something that I was doing, enough to learn what true passion for something meant, NOT GIVING UP.


I will be the first to admit that I never listened when people told me "When you love what you do it doesn't feel like work at all."

Then I met my Partner Ashley and we both had a yearn to be creative for a living but wasn't sure what avenue we would take, after trying so many different projects we had found that love for what we were creating in Jewelry, Soaps, Decoration Renovations and so many other things that we tried. Then we started this business. Easy right?


We were prepared for the business, like everyone else though we weren't as prepared for life's ongoing obstacles, like a global pandemic, loss of friends and family, and still working full time jobs, being a stay at home parent, taking care of our homes and family, nurturing friendships, networking and doing the actual fun and creative stuff as well.

This is where the passion comes in, though it has been a long start and a lot of breaks, stale mates and internal obstacles as well, spending YEARS working on it, we have never lost a single ounce of passion and love for what we do and that is what makes us so proud of where we are now. We hope that it shines through in our products, interactions, service and everything else we do.

We Love you as our Community and hope that you are able to follow your passions as well, no matter the journey the destination is so worth it when you LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

Sarah & Ashley

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