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Yule & Winter Solstice

Yule is often times associated with the Christmas Season, however, it doesn’t start on the 25th of December like you may be thinking, but instead Yule is an old pagan holiday to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

The Solstice begins on both the Longest Night of the year, but the shortest day. Generally falling between December 20th-23rd , this night is also referred to as Mother’s Night, representing the rebirth of the year while we await the return of longer days.

Yule is traditionally a 3 day long fire festival, with the lighting of the Yule Log, this would burn for 12 days and Nights, many believing that if the fires were to burn out before that it was an omen of a hard year to come, specially in the Month that correlates with the day the log burned out.

Day 1- January, Day 2- February, Day 3 March, Day 4- April, and so forth with the 12th Day being December.

Yule also marks the beginning of the Wheel Of the Year Calendar.

These days most people skip the whole burning log, or burning it for 12 days, opting for the Yule log candle holders with the 12 candles of gold, green, red, white, (Health, Prosperity, & Growth) for each day, one with just a single candle or even sweet treats like cakes and pastries in the shape of Yule Logs, being both festive and delicious!

Decorating and traditions for the holiday are fairly simple, fun to do with the family and celebrate the occasion with intention & meaning.

The traditional altar or space can be decorated with:

Evergreen-for steadfastness through the winter

Candles to bring back the sun

Holly-It’s pointed leaves repel negative energies

Mistletoe- for healing

Dried Orange slices- The Sun

Goats- Good Harvest Year

The Yule tree ( Christmas Tree these days) is brought in the home and decorated, with holly, berries, feathers and more, this tradition believed to give the woodland fae an indoor place to stay for the winter.

Handcrafted gifts and food are exchanged, something that you put thought and your energy into. A lot of times these gifts were hot meals, mittens, sweaters, caps and blankets, something they would need to survive the harsh winters, these gifts can also be little trinkets and keepsakes, dolls, wooden carven toys and such.

Whatever you received you knew it was made just for YOU.

No matter how you decide to spend or celebrate this winter solstice, we hope the season finds you well, your coming year is blessed with the intentions of a 12 day fire, and your spirit be renewed.

Blessed Yuletide

Love & Light

Sarah & Ashley

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